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Revolutionary Loocafe’s Are A Patented Innovation By Ixora Group Which Revolutionized The Idea Of Public Washrooms By Introducing The First Of Its Kind Free To Use “IOT” Based Luxury Smart Washrooms With A Cafe.

As Many Countries Starts To Open Up With Acceptance Of Living With Corona Virus – Loocafe 2.0 Is The Need Of The Hour – Considering The Safety Of Citizens, Further Enhancing The Experience Of IoT Enabled Washrooms With Innovative Sanitizing Features.

High-end innovative public washroom with UV copper-coated flooring – specially treated alkaline-acidic water (chemical-free) which kills viruses, germs IOT based misting exhaust system-which cleans and disinfects Loocafe-2.0

Since 2016

On the global Cleaning industry


The first Loocafe was installed and executed at Telangana Hyderabad built on an area of 160 sqft with Smart Facility.

The motto behind Loocafe is to provide luxury washrooms at every 1 km radius to ordinary people.

◎  RFID Janitor Attendance
◎  Footfall Sensor
◎  Feedback Support
◎  Water Level Sensor
◎ Stink Sensor



After the tremendous response for Loocafe 1.0 and its key features, Ixora Group launched the 2.0 Version of Loocafe with Key elements keeping the COVID 19 and changing scenario of the sanitation world. The new Features incorporated will help Loocafe serve the growing sanitation issue arisen from Covid19.

Shoe Disinfection

At Loocafé 2.0, we have specially designed a horizontal perforated surface that removes dust from shoes, with its high-end vacuum beneath, even before entering the toilet.


We are ensuring the sanitization from the first step. At Loocafé 2.0, we help individuals to get sanitized from the entrance and ensures that each person gets sanitized through our specially designed zero chemical Mist nozzles & water pumping (2.5Ph water)system.

Floor Hygiene

Loocafé 2.0 advanced Floor Hygiene concept has made the biggest breakthrough with 30 mins self-disinfecting method in toilet hygiene World – with Ergonomically crafted and Self disinfecting floor.


Cleaning Leader
of the Year 2016
Emerging Business of the Year
2016-17 Title at the Middle East Asia leadership Summit & Awards
CII Industrial Innovation Award
Best Sanitation Engagement Model

Loocafe 1.0 01 02 Loocafe 2.0 Considering The Safety Of Citizens, Further Enhancing The Experience Of IoT Enabled Washrooms With Innovative Sanitizing Features Case study → 02 Loocafe 2.0 03 Loocafe Designs 03 Loocafe Designs Industriel was responsible for all site design and coordination with the Town of Arex on the project. Case study → 01 Loocafe 1.0 The first Loocafe was installed and executed at Telangana Hyderabad built on area of 160 sq ft with Smart Facility. Case study → FEATURED PROJECTS

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We tend to look down upon street entrepreneurs as the bottom of the pyramid who are surviving on the goodwill of others for their sustenance. But quite a few of them show remarkable grit, resilience and a never-say-die attitude that is worth appreciating and emulating. and  LooCafe  brings out life stories of street entrepreneurs.I hope that this book will go ahead in changing our entrenched mindsets.



Jayesh Ranjan 

Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and IT Departments of the Telangana

Bringing super inspiring tales of entrepreneurs from the streets of India. The journey of each entrepreneur is amazing not only because of their own transformation but also in bringing the toilet innovation and making toilet a cleaner and better place.



Prabal Bhardwaj
Associate Director at KPMG I Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India

LooCafe Youth Wing

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Know how loocafe work here.

First in the country a breakthrough in public toilet sustainability and low opex model, which has made competition - imitate, copy and follow the change of building sustainable Public Toilets with a social impact.

For Women we care for

InstaGood's #InstaPad

InstaGood Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd ‘s #Instapad smart sanitary napkin machine at LooCafé Chennai.#Instapad makes hygienic products very accessible to every Indian women received the #WASH Stewardship award by the Honurable Minister Shri K. T. Rama Rao Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Telangana at the acclaimed inkwash


Loocafé showcased at the Dubai Expo - Indian Pavallion Innovation Bus

The First in the Country to architect social entrepreneurship around public toilets.

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Toilet Tales 1st Edition

Toilet Tales is a culmination of 28 stories detailing the lives of street hawkers turned entrepreneurs through Loocafé. Captured by a group of 100 youngsters over the past several months, the chronicles began in Hyderabad, one of the most progressive cities in India. Not only it is proving economic support to these vendors, but simultaneously offering a public facility through luxury washrooms, transforming both lives and Telangana’s perspective on sanitation and hygiene. 

Toilet Tales 2nd Edition

Explore the stories, tech for Toilets at Toilet Tales 2nd Edition

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LooCafé inagurated by Honourable Chief minister of Tamilnadu #MKStalin virtually.


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In Hyderabad, a Loocafe is challenging the poor perception of Indian public toilets The city’s...