Loocafe 2.0

After the tremendous response for Loocafe 1.0 and its key features, Ixora Group launched the 2.0 Version of Loocafe with Key elements keeping the COVID 19 and changing scenario of the sanitation world. The new Features incorporated will help Loocafe serve the growing sanitation issue arisen from Covid19.


Shoe Disinfection

The most ignored part when it comes to safety. At Loocafé 2.0, we have specially designed a horizontal perforated surface that removes dust from shoes, with its high-end vacuum beneath, even before entering the toilet. Sucking dust from the shoes at the entrance concept is the first of its kind in the Indian Public Toilet history, which is a significant step toward sound hygiene practices


Floor Hygiene

Loocafé 2.0 advanced Floor Hygiene concept has made the biggest breakthrough with 30 mins self-disinfecting method in toilet hygiene World – with ergonomically crafted and self-disinfecting floor. The toilet floors have three-layer protection with smart bled of Copper, UV & Metal perforation with high-end nozzles. All systems are IoT (interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines) enabled wand has a high-end exhaust system. That ensures minimum user contact and, maximum hygiene.



We are ensuring the sanitization from the first step. At Loocafé 2.0, we help individuals to get sanitized from the entrance and ensures that each person gets sanitized through our specially designed zero chemical Mist nozzles & water pumping (2.5Ph water)system. Its high motion sensors, sync a person, and micron-level nozzles start misting and disinfect a person in just 30 seconds.



With the innovative concept, Loocafe 2.0, maintain hygiene with a unique feature to protect the person using the Urinals or WC, in just 20 seconds with the integrated UV lights. It ensures all the grime from foot wears does not remain on the floor surface.


UV Door Knobs

As we never compromise with hygiene & ensure the best protection, Loocafé 2.0 uses copper door-handles & knobs to prevent the transmission of harmful germs via surface transmission. Door handles and knobs are the most contactable and infected objects in a public toilet, special precautions are taken sanitize them.

Our specially designed doorknobs handle, and WC Seat is self-disinfected & prevent any kind of germs, viruses, and bacteria by exposing them to UV rays. These UV lights are placed ergonomically around the surface area to kill germs and bacteria and ensure safety.


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Self Drying floor

Tackless damping which helps in reducing infection

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Spring Up Toilet Seat

Promotes positive behavioral change

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Existing Social Infrastructure

Concepts uses used shipping containers in large numbers

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Foot Pedal Flush & Taps

Hygienic eliminates contact with flush knobs faucets

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Floor Washing Points

Ease of maintenance with washing points

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Revenue Model

Integrable ATM, advertising spaces, vending machines

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Shoulder push plates

Eliminates direct contact of the user with the door knobs

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Quick manufactured & standard quality of supply


IOT Based Mist

Exhaust Along with its 3 Fold specially designed exhaust system, Loocafe 2.0 enables to exhaust indoor air to the outdoors and keeping the proper flow of fresh purified air.